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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Origin of our logo picture and quote

"Beauty is only an herb away."

Every business card, product label and facebook profile picture all carry this picture as well as our six work slogan.

If pictures say a thousand words, than this picture puts all the pieces together.
Personality type that I am, it is very hard to slow down and not attempt to achieve everything on my life's list all at the same time.

Life is a series of chapters, beginnings and endings, the closing of one door leading to the realization that the opening of that next door is totally up to me. There comes a time in life's maturity when we are aware of how paralyzing our fears can be and stop letting ourselves get in our way.

The idea of creating and selling my products has been just a seed for years while busy with all the demands of that time period, simply getting everything done in a day that needed to be done. Time management revolved around spouse, home, kids, job, lawn, errands, and on and on.
And in the blink of an eye you look around and the house is quiet and you realize your time is your own, you can finish what you start and you discover who you are again.

That wonderful realization is a great thing about reaching a certain age. Who has time to worry about getting older when new opportunities are within reach. A renewed sense of accomplishment and purpose sparks heightened energy levels and the developing caterpillar morphs into a seemingly new creature.

With the ability to fly, the butterfly takes off and busily fulfills the next stage in its life cycle. A flying flower of beauty, so seemingly fragile yet it knows to just go with the flow when the winds blow or risk damage to itself.

Every summer I anxiously wait for the return of the butterflies; around here we see mostly various types of swallowtails. Their short lifespans are a reminder to all of us to "just do it".

The quote "Beauty is only an herb away" was the creative thinking of my son. He summed it all up in those six little words.
Everything and everyone is a unique creation, beautiful in its own right. This mother earth of ours provides everything we need to take care of this temple we were given at birth. Just watch the creatures in the wild; they seek what is naturally offered to sustain them, heal them and protect them. They just know. What happened to our instinctual awareness of what we need? Lets stand back and look at the bigger picture and rethink how culture has shaped our attitudes and beliefs.