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Friday, September 23, 2011

Advice From My Pup
1 housing market for the rich, and another for everyone else
students feeling impact as colleges lose funding
Both of these articles were printed in our local newspaper only a few days apart.

We have two young adults in college at the same time. Not wanting them to start out life in debt we had always told them we would help the best we can with their education. We had purchased a piece of land which was to be our back up funds if needed for college expenses. So here we are in the middle of it and that land is worth less than we ever anticipated, so just like the stocks, we're trying to just leave it be and see what happens.

Both kids are getting the education they know they need to at least get a shot at a chosen career. But as they deal with the demands of their schedules, the pressure to pay for it, and then read articles such as above, even they wonder if it is all worth it. Young people are supposed to leave their safety net of home with the energy to take on the world and make it a better place, but at times that energy seems to be slowly leaking like a deflating balloon. I pray they don't lose their drive, idealistic visions and optimism for their future.
The forest scene in this picture was taken in the Muir Woods out in coastal California, near San Francisco. Just being in the presence of these majestic wonders which have been around for years helps us put things in perspective. Every generation has had its problems making a decent living in efforts to afford health care, tuition fees, housing costs and retirement worries. Every generation probably thinks the times are getting worse compared to the good old days.

Staring up at these giant trees sends the message down to us that "This too shall pass" and "It is what it is". People have always struggled with money, the weather, health issues, politics, their children, and somehow one day leads to the next and we get through it, hopefully all the stronger and wiser rather than beaten down.

To keep from thinking too much I take the unspoken advice from my pets. Riley has no problem parking himself on a bench and having down time staring at the birds. He doesn't seem to feel guilty in the least. He should have a bandana around his neck that reads "Don't worry, Be Happy!".

So as autumn officially begins this week, I'll try to take his advice and see the whole picture. We will all get through these tough times just like we did last year and the year before. Another season of football and hockey along with the approaching holidays will put life back in the household. And that means the kids will be coming home :) So with so much to look forward to, there is so much to do. And yes Riley, I'll try to take time to sit with you on that waiting bench.