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Monday, March 26, 2012

Woes of a Weekend Warrior

 Do you periodically wake up on a Monday morning, wincing with each movement, hoping the hot shower will sooth and loosen up those sore muscles?

With spring in the air beckoning us outdoors, we tend to get overwhelmed with the mental list of what needs to be done around the yard and home. Time away from our work schedules is precious so of course we try to make the most of every minute on our days off.

With the charged energy in the air of sunshine and warmer days, there is the tendency to go overboard and try to do everything at once. The raking of debris, picking up sticks, cleaning up the lawn mower, preparation of those garden beds... all those motions that can overuse muscles that aren't accustomed to the bending, lifting, pushing and pulling. We cram as much into our free time as possible and risk paying the price with a stiff back, shoulders, knees or whatever else put in overtime.

 Many of us feel a bit out of shape when we first dive back into the outdoor work of spring. Just remember to pace yourself next weekend. Eventually that list of chores will get done.
Just be prepared for those bodily protests with a few natural, herbal remedies to keep on hand.

Weekend Warrior Balm
Weekend Warrior Relief is a sore muscle relief balm which utilizes two herbal infused oils, comfrey and ginger root.

Called the living medicine chest, both the leaves and roots of the comfrey plant are important. High in silicic acid comfrey can reduce swelling, bruising and strengthen ligaments and tendons. Also known for its allantoin content, a crystalline oxidation product of uric acid, comfrey stimulates and accelerates tissue repair.

Ginger root is used for its aid in increasing circulation which enhances blood flow to the damaged tissue or achy muscles and joints.

The addition of shea butter adds to the therapeutic value since this rich soothing butter helps to heal bruising.

The cool, refreshing aroma of wintergreen and peppermint essential oils greet you upon application of this balm. They both contain analgesic properties which help soothe tired, sore muscles and joints.
Helichrysum essential oil is from the garden flower you probably know as immortelle. This oil has a reputation for improving circulation and the regeneration of nerves and tissue repair.

Wintergreen essential oil contains menthyl salicylate. If you are allergic to aspirin, pregnant or breastfeeding please consult with your doctor before using a product containing menthyl salicylate. Be aware of this product containing menthyl salicylate before using on children.

Convenient and portable in a 2 oz. plastic jar, keep on hand for gratifying relief whenever needed.

Anti-Inflammatory Massage Oil

The power of touch can do wonders to work out those hard, ropey, knots in our strands of muscle. You don't necessarily need another person or a massage therapist to benefit from a massage. Whatever area you can reach will appreciate a good deep kneading to work out those painful points. Use kneading motions as you apply an anti-inflammatory massage oil blend into your neck, shoulders, lower back, calves or your own tired feet.

Should you have the luxury of someone to actually give you a back massage, enjoy the warm, flowing motion of their touch as the anti-inflammatory properties of the essential oils in this oil blend help you relax and find relief.

The chosen essential oils for this blend are lavender, eucalyptus, juniper and chamomile. All contain anti-inflammatory properties which means they help reduce inflammation, pain and swelling in the joints and muscle tissues. Useful for relaxing those muscle spasms, the aches of arthritis, and tension headaches. Elimination of bodily toxins and fluid retention are both helped along by the increase in circulation.

Carrier oils used are almond and jojoba oils. Almond oil is very popular for massage oils because it is nourishing, gentle and glides easily over the skin. It absorbs quickly but not fast enough that you feel you'll need to stop and reach for the dropper bottle. Jojoba oil is very similar to our natural skin oils and easily penetrates and nourishes.

Such relaxation techniques as massage just may reward you with an improved temperament, less irritability, and a more restful night's sleep.

So help your overworked body to repair itself with safe, all-natural home remedies and remember moderation is the key for next time.