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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Deal With Pet Anxiety Over Fireworks, Thunderstorms

With the accessibility of  fireworks available for home use, the booming might be a little too close. The unexpected explosion of noise may send your pets scurrying with fear for the nearest place to disappear from perceived danger.

Don't overdo it with the fussing in trying to console your pet. That just sends the message that he/she has good reason to be so anxious. And never show anger or raise your voice in your own frustration over thinking you have a wimpy dog.

The best thing to do is use the power of distraction. Offer a favorite toy or perhaps one of those toys you can fill with small snacks or peanut butter; something that will take a while to eat.  Have soft music playing or just the sound of the normal atmosphere of family conversation.

Linen sprays are great to keep on hand for those times when we want our pets to calm down from fearful anxiety, whether real or imagined. Or perhaps just to settle down a high energy pet.

The Anxiety Relief, Sleep Aid Mist and Linen Spray consists of a combination of essential oils therapeutically known for their value in relaxing nervous excitability and emotional conflict.

Lavender, chamomile, sweet orange, and ylang ylang are an excellent combination for anxiety, trouble sleeping, settling down overstimulated children, and calming the fears in your dogs from such things as thunderstorms, fireworks, gunshots, and even separation anxiety.

Spray the linens of your sleeping area or pet bedding but do so sparingly at first in case you find the aromatics too strong. The spray can always be diluted by adding distilled water. Spritz a bit onto your dog's paws and massage it in to help him/her relax. Essential oils are easily absorbed by way of the feet, be it people or pets. Spritz a bit right onto the fur and give your pet a rub down. The power of touch has amazing therapeutic value.

Rescued pets have no way to actually tell us the origins of their fears and anxieties. We try to help these emotionally based behavioral disorders by offering secure, safe havens free of stress. But past traumas are buried deep and all it takes is the loud bang of gunfire, fireworks or even door slamming, to send a shaking pet under the bed. Or perhaps with your companion it is dealing with separation anxiety, and our dog exhibits inappropriate chewing, either of his own tail or paws or your home furnishings. Before relying on anti-anxiety medication, try the power of herbal remedies. Lavender and chamomile are safe for pets and are great for calming fears.

A remedy great to have on hand, though you hope never to have to use it for an emergency, is Bach Flower Rescue Remedy. It is a remedy to give in situations of shock and fear, such as in the case of an accident, or to calm down pets who getting to the veterinarian is usually a stress-filled ordeal, or for those with extreme anxiety over things like fireworks or gunfire.  It is made up of five flower essences known for their calming properties: Impatiens, Clematis, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum and Star of Bethlehem. Found at a health food store, this remedy developed by Dr. Edward Bach, should be in every first aid kit and every car glove compartment. Preventing shock at the time of an emergency can save lives. Give two to four drops on the tongue or gums every 10 - 15 minutes en route to the veterinarian.

Being prepared is the key to nip a problem situation in the bud before it escalates to the next level of stress for everyone.