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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

An American Soldier

Two months ago we had made a trip to Fort Jackson, S.C. 
A lot of pride and emotion was wrapped up with that reunion because as most people know basic training pushes one to their limits, emotionally and physically. There is no contact other than postal mail which leaves a parent's tendency for worry wide open. The AIT training which immediately follows basic training is intense but our soldiers are allowed phone privileges and limited internet service, so with improved communication it is easier on everyone.
AIT Graduation 1-29-13 Fort Eustis, Virginia
The conclusion of the AIT training is without fanfare as the soldiers are quick to pack up and quickly disperse so as not to miss their means of transportation and be on their way to the next chapter in their lives.
Some will return home to continue their education or resume a profession.
 Others report to their next post and assignment.

This video by Toby Keith, "An American Soldier", is a wonderful tribute to the commitment and sacrifice of those who voluntarily choose to dedicate a portion of their lives for their country. 
For this we thank you.
Best wishes, safe travels and God bless.

Official soldier in the Army Transportation Corps.