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Monday, November 11, 2013

A Veterans Day Note of Gratitude

This post is to honor all of our American armed forces for their sacrifice, stamina, and dedication to their country. They have made a commitment, that as a united force, enables us to choose our own choices with our lives, to speak our minds and go where we please. The fact that all the men and women in the armed forces are voluntary is an amazing concept to grasp.

It is true that all men must register with the Selective Service when they turn 18 years of age. This is done in case there is ever the need for combat soldiers, but even then it is completely random as to how those person's are chosen. Everyone is on the same level, with no partiality to social status. The reason women aren't required to register is not that they wouldn't be able to serve, but that registration is for the purpose of preparing combat troops. Women had been excluded from combat in the past but times are changing.

The thought may be with some as to why in the world someone would voluntarily enter into something that will literally control their lives and possibly put them in harms way. Those who do so are of the mindset that our country needs help to maintain her principles for continued freedom. We should be grateful to live in the U.S.A and have protection from those who may want to do us harm. We have to realize that while we have our rights, those rights are a privilege. Those rights were earned through the sacrifices of those before us, who fought for what they believed, many losing their lives in the process.

I have the utmost respect for anyone who signs those enlistment papers. Of course we want peace and for all of our young people to be safe at home. But given the fact that we live in a world of dispute and violence, even if you don't agree with current politics, the fact remains that we can sleep at night with the security that we have our military always on watch. So let us support the decisions of those who chose to walk this path. Let us support them with our prayers, and encourage them to stand tall with pride in their contributions for this country.

My son is amidst the tired, yet proud group of men and women pictured above, who had just completed their Army Basic Training. When you think that all of them are volunteers, and the fact that with every cycle of training, there will be another group standing there in that same place, it is indeed something to be appreciated.

Take a moment not only today,but every day, to say a silent prayer of gratitude and safe keeping for all of those who serve. Let them know they are appreciated and not taken for granted.

Enjoy your Veterans Day!