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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Lavender Wands, Nostalgic Gift, Centerpiece Idea

Weddings, bridal showers, baby showers are always more meaningful when personal touches are added to the decor. Color schemes and themes add a unique and individualized touch to such intimate celebrations. 

Between Internet sites such as Blogs and Pinterest to give you ideas and instructions, and the availability of supplies from craft stores, it is easy to become excited and look forward to getting involved in party preparations. Don't be so quick to say you aren't crafty. Rediscover the imagination you had as a child and have fun with trial and error. Anything takes practice and what better fun for a craft day than to learn together as a group.

Once you get the knack of how to do these, Lavender Wands are really rewarding to make. Besides being a conversation starter of a centerpiece, having a vase full of lavender wands can benefit anyone near them with their heavenly scent and ability to relax and soothe frazzled nerves.
Not only are they pretty and smell good, they have a very practical use once the event is over. You can keep them as is bundled in a vase to scent the room and add to your home decor. Or you can give them out to your guests as appreciated party favors. Lavender wands can be put into linen or clothing drawers to add a delicate scent as well as help keep out moths. Sachets were very popular in times past as a way to prevent moth damage in stored clothing and blankets. Here is a blog post of the harmful effects of using moth balls and how to utilize herbs as an alternative.

Here is what you'll need to make your Lavender Wands:
Long stemmed Lavender such as the Grosso type rather than the Munstead type used for potpourri and arrangements. 
 An excellent source for bundles of this type of fresh cut lavender is Local Harvest out of Washington state
You want the fresh cut lavender, not the dried. The stems have to still be flexible.
Spools of ribbon in the colors of your choice. Widths of no more than 1/4 inch work best. I found that one roll of 3/16 inch x 6 yards makes about four to five wands if you want a tail of ribbon to drape below the length of the stem. I'd estimate my stems were 8 - 10 inches long. The pictured vase has 24 wands and I used about six spools of ribbon, two each of three different colors.

Below is a tutorial on how to make these adorable lavender wands:

Lavender (Lavandula spp) has been called the 'mother of all essences', and is one of the most well known scents amidst the world of herbs and essential oils. It has often been called the safe "go to" remedy for babies, children and adults alike. Frazzled nerves, sleep troubles, headaches, muscle aches, skin flair-ups, bug bites, first-aid care, the list goes on. 
One of the most versatile herbs, lavender has been used since the ancient Greek and Roman times. It gets its name from the Latin 'lavare', meaning to wash. Its soothing, antiseptic qualities make it beneficial for cleansing and caring for various skin ailments.

Below is a link for the perfect gift for that special someone who enjoys and understands the benefits of this wonderful herb. This gift arrangement includes seven personal care products utilizing the soothing, healing properties of the lovely lavender plant. For the face we have four items: lavender infused honey as part of a honey/glycerin gentle facial cleanse, a raw honey facial mask to perk up tired skin and keep it blemish free, an exfoliating face and body sugar scrub, and a rich moisturizing cream containing lavender and sandalwood essential oils. For the hair, we have a lavender infused apple cider vinegar rinse to add shine, remove build-up and balance scalp pH. Bath time includes relaxing bath salts to soothe away the day's tension followed by a lovely body powder to help one feel dry and fresh. 

Love of Lavender Gift Assortment