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Friday, October 1, 2010

The Out of the Box Sampler Etsy team boasts over 125 members! They cater to finding the best candles, bath n body, jewelry, gourmet edibles and all kinds of other handmade shoppes on the web. They promote those shoppes by putting together the most incredible sample boxes each month in which people receive 15-17 different businesses samples all in one box. What a great way to market a shoppe. It allows a seller to get their products directly to a target market and into the hands of consumers that are looking to purchase from businesses that produce handmade items.

The Out Of The Box Sampler is one of only two original sample box websites that’s still in business. They have been promoting businesses since 2006. They have a huge success rate and continue to grow every month. They advertise in hundreds of online locations, and continue to send out media packages every month to magazines, newspapers, blogs and more. They are the ONLY sample box business to be featured in the Country Sampler magazine. They were in the July issue of 2010! The Country Sampler magazine is a huge print magazine that goes out to over 15 million readers! That brought in lots of attention to their website and in turn to those businesses who joined contributing!

Meadow Muffin Gardens has contributed to the October sample boxes due to be on sale Oct. 5th. I'm looking forward to see what opportunities arise from this invitation.

The Out Of The Box Sampler also has a facebook page!