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Monday, October 25, 2010

Time of Reflection

Seasonal reflection:
"Our gardens are tired, they've given their all,
The bounty is gathered, we're ready for Fall.
Herbs cut and dried, seeds stored away,
Swallows have flown, mice hide in the hay.
Take time to listen, the message is there,
Blessings abound, our work now to share.
Give what you can, but take a moment to rest
Take care of yourself and you'll give back your best."

As the months just seem to blend one into another it is easy to let these beautiful days slip away as we focus more on the day to day schedule of demands than on taking advantage of the moment.

Once frost hits, these beautiful Fall days will become another memory in a year fast coming to a close.

Hopefully we all remembered to take notes of what worked and what didn't in our gardens. In only a few weeks we'll be getting 2011's seed catalogs in the mail. By then the gray doldrums of Winter will have us color starved gardeners aching to begin the planning stage of next year's garden layout.

So while there is still time, get outside and really take it all in before we wake one morning to a glistening landscape.

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