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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Homemade Holiday Gifts - Cranberry Holly Floating Candle Jar

A crafty idea for your child's teacher, hostess gift, or just for your own holiday decorating.
This holly, cranberry, floating candle creation is sure to please anyone on our gift giving list.

Gather together the following items:

1. Wide or regular mouth size quart canning jars.

2. Plastic lids to fit the size mouth jar you chose.

3. Bunch or bunches cut holly branches, depending on how many jars you plan to put together.

4. Bag or bags whole cranberries.

5. Floating candles. Size of the candles is up to your preference.

6. Ribbon or raffetta to tie onto jar as a decorative touch.

Cut the holly branches into smaller pieces to fit into jar and fill about half to three-fourths full.
Add cranberries to make a layer about one inch or personal preference.
Fill jar with water leaving enough head space for the candle so as not to overflow.
Add candle and cap tightly.
Tie decorative ribbon around rim of jar and that is all there is to it.
Recipient just needs to know to remove the lid and light the candle.