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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Homemade Holiday Gifts - Decorative Lit Bottle

This frugal gift idea is ideal for the person who loves to explore thrift shops for treasures.

Collect interesting bottles with decorative designs in the glass. Or you could save neat wine bottles and remove the labels.

Choose multi-colored lights, white, or a solid color of your choice. A 50 bulb strand is best. If your bottle has a narrow opening use lights with only the positive end with the other end starting with just a bulb.

Gather silk flowers, grape vine or whatever theme you want for decorating the bottle. Craft stores carry quite an assortment if you cannot find what you want at second hand shops. Add a ribbon if desired. Use your imagination or try to match the theme with the interests of the person receiving the bottle.

Some ideas could include:
Grapevine with grapes as shown above
Sea shells
Christmas tree ornaments
Pet toys or little treats

Starting with the end bulb slowly work the string of lights into the bottle. The handle of a long wooden spoon is helpful to carefully push the lights to the bottom of the bottle as you add more. The positive plug will be left on the outside. If you have a way to cut an actual hole in the glass then do so at the bottom and work the lights upward instead.

Add your decorative touches and plug in! Makes a great nightlight!