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Monday, January 24, 2011

This Cold Weather Bites

It is Monday morning and the energies around here just seem off kilter. Here is a list of what seems to be wrong in the world of those around me:

1. It is a Monday morning and if that isn't bad enough the temperature is in the single digits.
2. Another storm is on its way and backs still hurt from the last dealing with the elements.
3. The holidays are barely a month behind us and already people seem to have forgotten what they received for Christmas. Gifts that took so much energy and money to get under that tree on time.
4. The credit card bills are arriving to remind us we couldn't afford those "have to have it" gifts anyway.
5. Tax statements are arriving and no one is in the mood nor has the time to get everything organized.
6. FAFSA forms need to get filled out by the deadline for our college students, something else we're not in the mood to deal with.
7. The energy cap has been lifted and we're expecting our electric bills to peak anyway and now have record breaking cold.
8. Gas prices are expecting to be on the rise again to remind us how we're so dependent on the system.
9. We're told by our family physician we're low in this and that and everything and should buy this and that and every vitamin and not a multi, we have to buy each individually to get a high enough dose, and we wonder what is in the foods we eat in the balanced diet we pay top price for......
10. Ok, we're low in Vit. D which is now good for every health concern yet we shouldn't depend on the sun because to be out in the sun can cause skin cancer so we should cover up, but do you know what exactly is in the sun screen?
11. The car inspection showed expensive repairs needed due to salt damage which is something we cannot avoid even if we do try to wash it off and is considered wear and tear so once again that expensive warranty covers nothing needed.
12. Too much time spent at a desk or computer is causing the need for a chiropractor which is usually out of pocket expense, we're told we have to change our lifestyle, yet we thought this lifestyle was called a job, and what is the alternative when few positions are available in this job market.
13. New Year's resolutions are already passing by the wayside and we feel like we failed, again.
14. Don't even start on the "feeling fat syndrome"

Ok how to rise out of this slump?

All you can do is make a list of what you do have and remember my mother's great words of wisdom
Whether referring to money issues, husband issues, children issues, health issues, job issues, in the end that philosophy always ended up being the best advise.

This winter will end as they always have in the past. The days keep turning, the cycle continues.

A bit of humor, check out this treasury on Etsy and start planning that warm get-a-way!
Vacation Is it warm there by meadowmuffin2010 on Etsy

And in the meantime ponder this treasury!
Life in the dead of winter by meadowmuffin2010 on Etsy

Of course you can always soak away those headaches in a hot tub

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