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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Attitude Can Make All The Difference


I keep this anole picture handy whenever I want to remind myself or my loved ones of the above bit of wisdom. The truth of that line can do wonders for a tortured soul to rid themselves of the weight of dealing with circumstances in their lives.

There are often occasions that we are up against the wall and finally realize that we just have to "accept the things we cannot change, courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference". Once you fully accept "it is what it is" a tremendous burden will be lifted, and you'll be amazed how much better you feel.

Imagine how FREE you'll feel after shedding those old layers of either negative thinking or the wall of hurt built up from banging your head against the wall.
Once you do that, stand back from the situation and take a look at the new you.

When two people both hold their ground over their differences, emotions tend to escalate and things just get worse. Whether the other person is "wrong" or just a fool about a life choice isn't the point. The point is that the only thing we can really change is our attitude about the situation. People have to look at themselves and be ready for change. We cannot force it. Then again there is the chance it is we ourselves who are driving the other party crazy.

We had an interesting weekend with relationships.
My 18 year old son is very involved in the musical world of bands, gigs and all that goes with that lifestyle. He has a wonderful girlfriend who adores him but from what I can see is letting the typical female insecurities butt up against the differences with how guys and girls think.

Put a guitar in the hands of a guy and for whatever reason it is very attractive to the opposite sex. So you have a fan base who follow using the many means of social networking now a days. You have other musicians who happen to be female who of course will be either part of a guy's band or just around in the musical scene.

My son doesn't see the need to let his girlfriend know every little detail of who he is associating with since it is just part of the whole deal and in his mind means nothing. Sure, any guy probably loves the attention and hopefully harmless flirting, but once a guy's heart is committed to a relationship, there is usually nothing to worry about.
So why do girls have to let their own insecurities slowly whittle things down to the point where they almost create the very scene they sorry about.

It is the attitude that needs to change, the situation is what it is.

Of course, there are dysfunctional relationships where it would be a lot healthier to stop being a codependent and just shed the whole package and start totally fresh.
Stress will wear down a person physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Don't lose your looks or your health over worry. The subject of our church sermon this past Sunday was "you can't gain one extra hour in this life by worrying".

So take the burden off yourself and turn the situation over to God, your female goddess within, or whatever higher power you put your faith into. Ask for the strength to shed old destructive patterns and make your life what it is you want it to be. Ask for the strength to make do with what you have and find satisfaction in that. Ask for the strength to be happy with who you are, stop comparing to others, and just be the best you can be. Take care of yourself, your mental, physical and spiritual health!

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