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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Let Go, Let God

Every crack was followed by a shattering crash of splintered wood and ice crystals.
Fascinating how drawn we are to witness destruction by nature herself.

Such similarities to our human condition.
Tree limbs are designed to give and flex amidst a storm.
Given the right conditions even the mighty oak will be pushed beyond its limits.

So as we build up our safety net of walls, something changes within our very hearts.
Just as the tree limbs are encased in these shields of ice, our inner souls begin to withdraw.

Smiling to the world, though one step out of reach.
The icy weight pulls down a little,
a little more 'till we snap.

Broken branches litter the ground, the fury of the natural world is spent.
Those tears too need to fall, surround you in a pool to drown the hurt.

Show the dark an open door,
Allow in the sun, so full of cheer.
Tears may be jewels, our own to keep,
But let them melt, and smile as you weep.
Let it go,
Let it all out.

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