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Friday, June 10, 2011

Naturally Safe Father's Day Gift Ideas

"The average American man uses six personal care products a day containing more than 80 unique chemicals. Many of these chemicals are absorbed into the skin, inhaled or ingested, and the vast majority of cosmetic chemicals have not been assessed for safety."

This statement was made by The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics. Usually when we think of the cosmetic industry we think of women, but this industry includes the personal care products used by men as well. Shampoos, shaving products, body wash, body sprays, deodorants...all advertised to help our men smell alluring and masculine.

Below is the rest of the article:

Some of the chemicals used in men's body-care products – from aftershaves and shaving creams to deodorants and shampoos – are linked to cancer, birth defects, learning disabilities and other chronic health problems. A common chemical found in most fragranced products may be particularly harmful to male reproductive health.

What's in his Medicine Cabinet?

Problematic chemicals in men's personal care products include:

Diethyl phthalate (DEP): found in fragrance-containing products such as cologne, aftershave, shaving cream, shampoos and deodorants
  • Recent human studies link DEP to sperm damage in adult men, abnormal reproductive development in infants, and Attention Deficit Disorder in children (i).
  • A study by Harvard University researchers suggests that a single use of cologne can markedly increase the level of DEP in a person’s body (ii).
  • Recent product tests found DEP in popular men’s colognes Quicksilver, Calvin Klein Eternity for Men, Old Spice After Hours Body Spray and Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce (iii).
Lead acetate: found in men’s hair and beard colorants
  • Banned from cosmetics in European Union because it is a known human reproductive toxicant
  • Brands include Men’s Grecian Hair Formula and Youthair Hair Color for Men.
Coal tar: found in dandruff shampoos such as Neutrogena T-Gel Shampoo
  • Known human carcinogen that is banned from cosmetics in European Union.
Triclosan: found in antibacterial soaps and deodorants such as Old Spice Wide Stick Deodorant, Speed Stick deodorants, Dial anti-bacterial soaps and Edge Advanced Shaving Gel, Ultra Sensitive
  • Linked to hormone disruption, and the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria (iv).
  • The Canadian Medical Association asked the Canadian government to ban triclosan in household products due to concerns about bacterial resistance and carcinogenic byproducts (v).
  • There is no evidence that triclosan soaps are any more effective than regular soap and water (vi).
Formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane: found in many leading shampoos and body washes
  • Known animal carcinogens and probable human carcinogens, according to US EPA (vii).
  • Formaldehyde is a leading allergen that can trigger skin rashes and other allergic reactions.
  • 1,4-dioxane is a leading groundwater contaminant and suspected as a kidney toxicant, neurotoxicant and respiratory toxicant, according to California EPA.
Meadow Muffin Gardens carries many safe, affordable, holistic personal care products for men as well as women and children. The items listed below can be found on our website
or within the Etsy shop

Great gift ideas for that 'hard to shop for' dad, husband, son, brother or best friend.
Think ahead for Father's Day or a birthday celebration!
Already assembled gift baskets for that special man in your life!
An assortment of eight body care products he is bound to appreciate; all tucked into a seasonally appropriate decorative basket.

Items include:
1. Sensual, Relaxing Lavender/Sandalwood Massage Oil

A deep muscle massage is a treat for any man.
2 oz. plastic pump bottle

2. Restless Sleep/Restless Mind Massage Oil

Helps unwind and relax a tired mind and bodily
2 oz. plastic pump bottle

3. Fungal Fighter Foot Powder

Anti-fungal powder for athletes foot or jock itch.
6 oz. plastic shaker bottle

4. Stinkfoot Odor Foot Powder

Helps reduce odor caused by trapped moisture and bacteria
6 oz. plastic shaker bottle

5. Weekend Warrior Muscle Overexertion Relief Balm

Relaxes tense and sore, overused muscles.
2 oz. plastic jar

6. Plantain & Coconut Oil All-Purpose Balm

Relief from dry, chapped skin or healing minor wounds.
2 oz. plastic jar

7. Yarrow Insect Repellent Body Spray

Deet free bug spray and aid for bug bites.
4 oz. plastic spray bottle

8. Honey Lemon Lip Balm tube

Moisturizes dry, chapped lips.

Great gift idea for that special man who just loves the out of doors and its many activities and occupations!
Assortment of necessities and first aid items for the gardener, hunter, fisherman, farmer, ranch hand or outdoor enthusiast

Items include:
1. Calendula and Comfrey Healing Balm

Herbal salve to aid in the healing of minor wounds,
skin irritation and minor burns.
2 oz. jar

2. Weekend Warrior Muscle Ache Overexertion Relief Balm

Herbal balm utilizing comfrey, ginger and essential oils
to help relieve tight, sore muscles and stiff joints.
2 oz. jar

3. Shea Butter Herbal Balm

Herbal olive oil infusion and shea butter help those
with chapped and irritated skin, eczema or dermatitis.
2 oz. jar

4. Sunburn Care Ointment

St. Johnswort and comfrey infused olive oil and
essential oils aid in the repair of sun damaged skin.
For use with first degree burns.
2 oz. jar

5. Yarrow Insect Repellent Body Spray

Deet free herbal body spray to help deter insect bites.
Alcohol based infusion with the addition of essential
4 oz. plastic spray bottle

6. Jewelweed Vinegar Body Spray Remedy for Poison Ivy

Herbal vinegar infusion with lavender essential oil to
ease the itch and irritation caused by exposure to
poison ivy.
4 oz. plastic spray bottle

7. Cocoa Butter Lip Balm

Flavor free cocoa butter lip balm for healing and
protecting chapped lips.
plastic jar or tube style(if have a preference convo me)
These items give you an idea of a practical, yet unique gift idea. Visit our shop on Etsy or the website and browse for individual products or put together your own basket assortment. For custom orders contact me at
Below is a wonderful sentimental assortment of items reminding us to appreciate the little everyday things this Father's Day!