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Monday, November 14, 2011

Gift Idea for Teacher Appreciation at Christmas

The holiday season is an ideal time to display our gratitude and appreciation to those special people involved in the lives of our children.

When my own two were young I can remember going on a baking frenzy to arrange cookie plates for everyone and it seemed no matter how many I made there never seemed enough to store away for my own freezer.

Not everyone has the time, skills or interest in holiday baking yet still want something special to give to all the various teachers and instructors.

A personal body care arrangement would be a great idea as it is all ready for gift giving and portrays the message that you have empathy for what they experience with their job.

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1.  A crowded classroom is a breeding ground for germs on those surface areas commonly touched, such as door knobs, bathroom faucets, toilet handles and light switches. Also great as a room spray to fight airborne germs and freshen stuffy indoor air, this Germ Fighting Air and Surface Spray just may be a mainstay on his/her desk. Contains powerful essential oils, tea tree, thyme and eucalyptus which are known for their antibacterial and antiviral properties. Free from the synthetic fragrances typically found in air sprays, there is the reduced risk of irritating the allergies of sensitive students to chemicals. This spray comes in a 4 oz. size plastic spray bottle.

2.  Frequent hand washing is the first line of defense against catching or spreading germs. Unfortunately, chapped hands are often a result from the continuous cycle of soap, water and the hot air of the hand dryer. Our healing, herbal all-purpose balm can be such a relief for red, chapped skin. Containing no water, this balm is superior to a typical hand lotion. Due to its herbal healing properties this balm can also be used for minor wound care.

Plantain is a common overlooked weed, but it contains amazing medicinal properties which are released in an olive oil infusion. Added to that is coconut oil, which is known for its ability to help skin retain moisture, a wonderful hydrator often used with chronic dry skin. Chamomile essential oil is added for its gentle and popular use in treating inflamed skin conditions. This balm comes in a 2 oz. size white plastic jar.

3.  Maintaining control over a classroom while keeping their attention so they learn something would be enough pressure to keep many of us awake at night. This linen and/or air spray contains nerve calming, sleep inducing essential oils: chamomile, sweet orange, lavender and ylang ylang. Too many things still on the 'to do' list, too many thoughts bouncing around, can easily take their toll and contribute to sleep deprivation. A light spritz onto the bedding just may become an anticipated nightly ritual. This spray comes in a 4 oz. size plastic spray bottle.

4.  A good lip balm is always a good thing to have on hand. Chapped lips are not pleasant, especially when there is the need to talk as frequently as does a teacher. This tubal lip balm utilizes the healing properties of the herb calendula to help heal and protect the delicate skin around the mouth.

5. Last, included in this assortment is a touch of femininity. A solid perfume eliminates the risk of a leaky bottle in a handbag. Listed here is a 1/2 oz. jar of the patchouli and lavender blend, but if the ylang/ylang and vanilla blend or the spice blend is preferred, let me know. Should this gift be for a male teacher just look through the shop and substitute something under a $10 value or I can add two extra lip balms.

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