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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Indulgence..Everything in Moderation

Be moderate in order to taste the joys of life in abundance.  ~Epicurus

Enough is as good as a feast.  ~English Proverb

Even nectar is poison if taken to excess.  ~Hindu Proverb

Healthy skin is a by-product of a healthy body.  
If ever there was a time when we feel the pressure to please and make everyone happy, it is around the Holidays.  Appreciative of every party invitation, often we feel obliged to attend.  These events may be an inconvenience on our time or a further drain on the pocketbook for that bottle of wine or hostess gift.  

Inevitable, we usually do have a good time, but then again, we find ourselves eating too much of the wrong foods and having one too many alcoholic beverages. We all know none of these indulgences are good for us but we go along with the flow in the spirit of the season and not to appear a downer.  The problem is too much of anything and we pay a price.
The liver, kidneys, lungs, intestine, bladder and lymphatic system all work together to absorb necessary nutrients and eliminate waste products.  Each organ has a job to do and when our bodies are overtaxed, deprived of proper rest or nutrition, things get out of balance and our bodies send us signals to which we would be wise to pay attention.  Lethargy, breakouts, dark eye circles, mental fuzziness are all ways our body tells us something is off balance.  Ignore these messages and dis-ease may turn to disease.

Our skin is the body's largest and most diverse vital organ. It takes an environmental beating every day, so it is vital we pay attention and not take its appearance for granted.  What we put into and onto our bodies eventually will be reflected on our face.  Unhealthy lifestyles result in premature aging of the skin.  Stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, not enough water, sedentary lifestyle, as well as toxins in facial products and cosmetics, all take a toll on our appearance.
Alcohol dehydrates the skin, so if you plan to be drinking be sure to keep well hydrated with water.  The morning after headaches can be lessened by drinking an 8 oz. glass of water with the addition of the juice from half a lemon.  This will help replace lost fluids and cleanse the body and eliminate the toxins.  Try to include water rich foods such as fruit and cucumbers.

Holiday party platters are usually loaded with lunch meats, cheeses, crackers, pastries....all foods loaded with sugar, salt, nitrates, hydrogenated oils, bleached nutrient deplete flour.  Too much, too often and our skin becomes clogged, resulting in poor digestion, blemishes and a pasty complexion. 

Have fun and partake in the goodies, just don't make these choices a pattern.  Too much of anything in life throws us off balance.  When you begin to feel sluggish it is a sure sign to get up and get moving, not just literally, but as a wake-up call to make a few changes.  No one wants to physically look as though they've lived a hard life.

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