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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Early Flight Home

Introducing a great new band!
Early Flight Home is a pop punk band based out of Pennsburg, PA. Forming in the summer of 2011, Early Flight Home (EFH) began playing regular shows in September and has only picked up speed since. Hopping on the local music scene, EFH has been featured everywhere from colleges to coffee shops and basements to sidewalks. Having released their debut album 'As Seen On TV', the band is persistently tackling the dying punk music scene with a taste of fresh air. Early Flight Home is currently signed to Philadelphia label Beard Party Records. The band consists of Kurt Amen, Alex Baver, Jared Whalen, Justin Stitt, and Jake Alder.

Kurt Amen-Vocals
Alex Baver- Guitar/Vocals
Jared Whalen-Guitar
Justin Stitt-Bass
Jake Alderfer-Drums

Record Label
  Beard Party Record

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