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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beauty Is As Beauty Does!


Beauty shouldn't be trying to create an image or cover up "flaws" using synthetic
imitations encouraged by commercial hype.

Trust your instincts in the choices you make of how to take care of yourself. Build a sense of mind, body and spiritual awareness and your inner light will shine. That is the definition of beauty.

From little on up we are bombarded with our cultural attitudes on what makes up a beautiful man or woman. Step back and think about it. Think about those people you are with day in and day out. Think about what you really see when you look at them. Most likely you see the person, not just the physical appearance as we see someone on TV or on the street. Jane is Jane, Jeff is Jeff, they just are who they are. I often wonder if I could really accurately describe my loved ones to a sketch artist. Would I even recognize myself walking down the street? Those we love can gain a few pounds and we usually are thankful for those people to just remain healthy.

Beauty isn't a mask. We are born with what we have and if we take care of our gifts we can get the most out of it. Don't let yourself fall into the commercial cosmetic business of psychological manipulation. Of course they are going to create a sense of dissatisfaction with our appearance. Of course good advertisement will sell their self-improvement products to supposedly make us more beautiful. Of course there is always going to be new and improved because people believe something new must mean something better. You are letting your own insecurities put money in the pockets of big business!

True beauty is a healthy emotional attitude. True beauty is making wise lifestyle choices. Letting your body chemistry get out of balance may lead to dis ease. Break down the word disease and you have dis ease, illness wearing down our energy systems, our emotional feeling of wellness. Those of us with chronic health issues beyond our control can still do all we can to feel our best.

Remember, you may not be able to change a situation, but you can change your attitude about that situation! Don't let people or circumstances become drainers. Worry is the most likely culprit for those dreaded creases we spend a fortune trying to smooth out.

Educate yourself before purchasing any body care product. Know exactly what will be absorbed into your body and how it could effect your system. When in doubt, leave it out. Use products you can trust as healthy for your skin, hair and nervous system. Healthy skin and hair are what gives your physique that beautiful glow, not the 'right' cover-up foundation. Observe pictures of yourself and others. The smiling faces are always the more appealing. The frowning ones show all the wrinkles!

 We are fully aware of how silly it is to let our insecurities of what others think get in the way, yet most of us go through it. Put yourself in charge, as it should be and do what you need to do for improved physical and mental health. Healthy food, drink, exercise and stress relief should be part of your life anyway.

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