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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mother's Day Gift Ideas!

Pampering gift ideas for your loved one this Mother's Day!

Listings below are through my Etsy shop
If you are not interested as an etsy shopper these items are also available on the website

Mother's very often put everyone and everything ahead of their own wants and needs. This Mother's Day present that special mom with a gift that says how much you appreciate her.
What better gift idea for the one you love than a basket filled to the brim with head to toe ideas for her to pamper, self-indulge and feel beautiful.

Women often take care of everyone else before seeing to their own needs. These hand-crafted, all natural body care products are sure to offer her a well deserved spa like experience right at home.

This collection consists of the following eight items:

1. Sandalwood & Lavender Relaxing Sensual Massage & Body Oil

Body oils are for lubricating and nourishing the skin. They can be used as a bath oil to enhance the experience, or as a full body moisturizer after bathing. Combine the oil with the rewarding benefits of touch and you have a massage oil. Great for a full body massage or a much appreciated foot massage.

2. Dry and Damaged Hair Repair Conditioning Oil Treatment

Hair needs a periodic break from the overuse of hair dryers, curling irons, color treatments, summer sun, pool chemicals, and harsh, dry winter air. Jojoba oil and an essential oil blend can do wonders to restore softness and shine.
Dry Hair Conditioning Treatment can be used in various ways:
1. Apply a bit to untangle snarls in long hair.
2. Scrunch into just the ends for touch up care.
3. For a full scalp and hair conditioning treatment

3. Blemish Treatment & Raw Honey Facial Mask

Let the bees help you maintain a beautiful complexion. Wildflower and clover honey already have the beneficial attributes of natural herbs within the honey itself.
Honey is a natural humectant which means it retains moisture and plumps up skin cells. Honey all by itself is wonderful but our treatment utilizes the properties of two essential oils. Tea tree oil is a disinfectant and chamomile is an anti-inflammatory, both great for soothing and healing irritated or infected skin.

4. Elegance of Rose Facial Moisturizing Cream

For those who love roses, this facial cream starts with rosewater created by our own roses and the kiss of the sunshine. High in essential fatty acids, sunflower seed oil absorbs into the skin without leaving behind an oily residue. Coconut oil and aloe vera gel contribute their cooling beneficial goodness. All together, an ideal moisturizer.

5. Lovely Lavender Face and Body Sugar Scrub

The best way to regain that healthy glow is to remove old skin cells through exfoliation. Sugar scrubs are a great way to slough off that layer and unclog blocked pores. Sugar is less abrasive than salt so it can be used as often as once or twice a week without fear of drying out or irritating sensitive skin. Use on rough elbows, knees, feet or enjoy its nourishing effects over the entire body, and gentle enough for the face.

6. Baby Soft Avocado Body Butter for Ultra Moisturizing
Skin Care

With proper care and attention our skin can remain smooth and supple whether it be in preparation for summer clothes or the dry indoor air of winter.
Baby Soft Body Butter consists of moisturizers heavier than those used for lotions. Cocoa and Shea Butters are rich butters known as the ultimate moisturizers. Containing Vitamins A and E as well as high in fatty acids, they are very healing for rough, dry skin in need of some extra attention. Great for skin exposed to harsh winter weather.

7. Cocoa Butter Lip Balm

Cocoa butter comes from the cocoa bean so you will taste a natural touch of chocolate. It is highly protective in that it prevents dehydration by staying on the surface of the skin. Sunflower oil in not only a great moisturizer and nourishing for your skin but also adds a protective barrier against irritants. Last there is a bit of castor oil for added gloss.

8. Sleep Aid Dream Mist Pillow Spray

The Sleep Aid Dream Mist Pillow Spray consists of a combination of essential oils therapeutically known for their value in relaxing nervous excitability and emotional conflict. To create a feeling of peace often helps dispel gloomy thoughts and once things are put in perspective our minds and bodies can relax.

Tucked into this basket as a little something extra will be a sample of our Shea and Cocoa Butter Solid Moisturizing Body Bars. These little gems serve many a use and are small and discreet to be very portable. With the addition of coconut oil they can be a great personal lubricant.

Each of these products has its own listing within our store. Please check them out for more information on their ingredients and use.

Bought separately these items would cost about $80.
This thoughtful basket will save you about 20%!

A complete gift all ready to present to your special someone who deserves the peace of mind of all natural holistic personal care products!

Spring is a season full of rebirth and new life. This basket of goodies would make a great gift idea for that special someone who sees the end of winter as a sign for renewing the spirits.

1. Lavender Face and Body Sugar Scrub

Let this sugar scrub help with the "out with the old, in with the new me" attitude. You can "shed your old skin". Give your body a boost to look alive and refreshed with regular use of an exfoliating, yet gentle sugar scrub.

1. Natural Therapeutic Sea Salt Baths

Between the holidays and sporting events, winter is a season for many social occasions full of rich food and perhaps alcohol. Add lack of enough physical activity and by spring our bodies need a good detox. Bath salts are a great way to help eliminate many of those toxins draining your energy levels. Everything about the smell of peppermint says "wake up". Enjoy the benefits of an energizing sea salt bath.

3. Invigorating Rosemary & Lavender Body Spray

Rosemary and Lavender are uplifting to the mind and body. This invigorating body spray is a great way to start a busy day. Help stay focused, yet calm with this refreshing combination of essential oils. Lightly scent your body as your skin takes advantage of the stimulating benefits of these herbs.

4. Raw Honey Facial Mask - Ideal for Blemish Prone Skin

We all know how important it is to periodically deep clean our facial pores. Honey is such a nourishing, natural way to do just that. Honey softens and conditions skin to help reduce signs of wrinkles. Keep minor skin flare-ups at bay as you give your face a new vibrant look.

5. Wrinkle Wrath Facial Moisturizing Cream

Beautiful skin begins with a good moisturizer. Help keep your face looking young and fresh with this essential oil blend known for regenerating skin cells. Our skin needs to stay hydrated and this facial cream helps do that with the goodness of nourishing nut oils. Wrinkle Wrath facial moisturizer can perk up a dull complexion.

So there you have five great ideas to be good to yourself or someone you love. Sold separately these items would total around $45. This basket saves you money and you even get a seasonal decorative basket!

For more information and ingredients used please check the individual listings within the shop.

Great gift idea for that special man or woman who just loves the out of doors and its many activities and occupations!
Think ahead to Mother's Day, Father's Day or Birthday celebrations!
Very practical for the 'hard to buy for' man or woman!

Assortment of necessities and first aid items for the gardener, hunter, fisherman, farmer, ranch hand or outdoor enthusiast

Items include:
1. Calendula and Comfrey Healing Balm

Herbal salve to aid in the healing of minor wounds,
skin irritation and minor burns.
2 oz. jar

2. Weekend Warrior Muscle Ache Overexertion Relief Balm

Herbal balm utilizing comfrey, ginger and essential oils
to help relieve tight, sore muscles and stiff joints.
2 oz. jar

3. Shea Butter Herbal Balm

Herbal olive oil infusion and shea butter help those
with chapped and irritated skin, eczema or dermatitis.
2 oz. jar

4. Sunburn Care Ointment

St. Johnswort and comfrey infused olive oil and
essential oils aid in the repair of sun damaged skin.
For use with first degree burns.
2 oz. jar

5. Yarrow Insect Repellent Body Spray

Deet free herbal body spray to help deter insect bites.
Alcohol based infusion with the addition of essential
4 oz. plastic spray bottle

6. Jewelweed Vinegar Body Spray Remedy for Poison Ivy

Herbal vinegar infusion with lavender essential oil to
ease the itch and irritation caused by exposure to
poison ivy.
4 oz. plastic spray bottle

7. Cocoa Butter Lip Balm

Flavor free cocoa butter lip balm for healing and
protecting chapped lips.
plastic jar or tube style(if have a preference convo me)

Each of these products has its own listing within our store. Please check them out for more information on their ingredients and use.

Bought separately these items would cost you over $50.
This decorative basket will save you about 20%!