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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Love Simple - movie premier

Filmmakers to Present the Pennsylvania Premiere of "Love Simple" at The Allen Theatre

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ANNVILLE, PA (03/21/2011)(readMedia)-- Writer/director Mark von Sternberg and producer John Casey are bringing their movie, Love Simple, to the Allen Theatre, 36 East Main St. in Annville, on Tuesday, April 12, beginning at 5:15 p.m. for an exclusive event, sponsored by the Lupus Foundation of PA and Lebanon Valley College.

Not only will you get to meet and greet the filmmakers, but you can also enjoy a wine tasting, courtesy of "Wine Wench" Christine Smolenski and see the Pennsylvania premiere of this independent film, Love Simple.

Despite its title, Love Simple is not simple, and how could it be?

Mark wrote his low-budget, independent film in seven months and produced it in three weeks, and he chose to have his female lead portray a young woman in love, a young woman who also happens to have lupus. A serious autoimmune disease, lupus is so complicated that the FDA has only approved one drug to treat the disease in the last 50 years.

Nothing is simple about lupus, love, or this film set in Brooklyn, N.Y. The film tells a boy meets girl story with an urban gritty edge and a twist. The young man exaggerates his accomplishments and conceals his responsibility for caring for his disabled father, while the young woman hides her lupus from her new boyfriend.

"I wanted this film to bring visibility to a disease," says Mark about his decision to portray a lupus patient. "My own experience with lupus was as someone who, like the majority of Americans, really knew nothing about it."

Mark received his introduction to lupus when he was working in the nursing office in a Brooklyn, NY hospital. While there in 2003, he learned about a young patient with lupus. To his horror, she died. Fresh out of school, he wondered how he could not have heard of such a serious illness that could take the life of someone so young. He began to research lupus, discovering a mysterious disease that causes the immune system to turn from protector to betrayer. He also learned lupus causes a multitude of problems that vary from patient to patient, including some that can be managed and some that are life threatening.

The filmmakers are committed to using Love Simple to bring attention to lupus, and that's why they are coming to Pennsylvania.

"The reaction to this film has been overwhelming and very meaningful," says John, and "the film is already making an impact on the lupus community." Mark adds, "We are so happy and honored to be participating in this movie event and hope the evening helps raise awareness and funds for lupus."

I had the pleasure of watching this movie at Lebanon Valley College. Rather than focusing on 'what is lupus?' it made a point to give the viewer a glimpse on what it is like to " live with lupus". Very well done. Though a potentially life threatening condition, a person with this condition can lead a full, though complicated, life and not be labeled by their disease. For more information on this movie visit the sites below.

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