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Sunday, March 22, 2015


Meditations For Women Who Do Too Much

March 12

"Of all the idiots I have met in my life, and the Lord knows that they have not been few or little, I think that I have been the biggest."
Isak Kinesen

Very powerful for clearing away the baggage we carry around in our lives is accepting the fact that we do make mistakes and making amends with those we may have wronged. To own our own lives we must first own up to our errors and not continue to beat ourselves up over those mistakes.

March 13

"We are not human beings trying to be spiritual. We are spiritual beings trying to be human."
Jacquelyn Small

It is said that we are first spiritual beings and only when we realize the enormity of that, can we be fully human. To be spiritual isn't something we choose to be, it is who we are. To be spiritual does not mean you are categorized into a certain religious denomination. Don't confuse the two. With everything we do, every decision we make, our spirituality is there.

March 14

"Fury gathered until I was swollen with it."
Vera Randal

A good scream is the perfect release for pent up emotions and stress. Though we may feel foolish afterward, we have to admit we do feel better. Of course, this best be done without anyone in earshot to be verbally offended or think us crazy.

March 15

"When we, as individuals, first rediscover our spirit, we are usually drawn to nurture and cultivate this awareness."
Shakti Gawain

There is no way to know ourselves unless we have time alone to explore. We have to remember that there is someone inside of us worth knowing. Many people don't like to be alone, either out of a need for a connection with another, or perhaps they don't want to discover who it is they really are. We have to stop all the busyness and realize that alone time is as essential as our other basic needs.

March 16

"I have been told that crying makes me seem soft and therefore of little consequence. As if our softness has to be the price we pay out for power, rather than simply the one that's paid most easily and most often."
Audre Lorde

Tears and softness are not really valued in this society. When women do show their soft side it may be seen as an indirect form of manipulation. But there shouldn't be the need to give up the soft side of who we are and turn on the tough guy act to attain respect. There is a time for tears and there is a time for assertiveness, both can be an expression of strength and love.

March 17

"The great thing about getting older is that you don't lose all the other ages you've been."
Madeline L'Engle

Life is a process and it takes every experience along the way to develop the person we have become. It is a mistake to try to block out certain periods of our lives because they were the result of poor decisions or painful. Getting through the tough times pushed us beyond our limits and into stronger and wiser individuals. Every wrinkle and ache has been hard earned and we need to be proud and thankful for having the opportunity to get older.

March 18

"For me it's a constant discipline to remember to go back inside to connect with my intuition."
Shakti Gawain

Listening to our intuition is a wise thing to do. We need to trust our instincts and respect those first gut feelings about situations. Self-doubt and insecurity can be one's own downfall as time and again we could kick ourselves for not trusting our instincts and heeding the advice from elsewhere. We have much more brainpower than we realize. We live in a society that develops the logical/rational/linear parts of our brains and leaves undeveloped our awareness, intuition and creativity. Remember that those parts of our brains are just as important and are always waiting to be sought out.

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