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Sunday, April 19, 2015


Meditations For Women Who Do Too Much

April 9
"The prayer that reforms the sinner and heals the sick is an absolute faith that all things are possible to God."
Mary Baker Eddy

They say that part of the solution to one's problems is recognizing that there is a problem. The climb up the ladder of success can lead to the discovery that one cannot appear innocent, but rather must appear cynical and sophisticated. As the craziness escalates, part of the insanity of it all comes from our lack of being able to recognize that life has indeed become insane. A return to sanity comes once we let ourselves believe that all things are not controllable.

April 10
"Ah, duty is an icy shadow"
Augusta Evans

Duty becomes the excuse for many of our life's choices. We neglect those we love and justify the behavior as our duty to our family. Granted, this cannot be avoided when we do what we have to do to make a living. The problem comes when our work is an unhealthy addiction and suffering is the result of feeding that addiction.

April 11
"A mark of a true workaholic is cleaning house in your underwear."

While this day's advise is very true, I have to wonder how life can realistically be any different. Many of us with so much to do cannot walk from point A to point B without getting distracted by seeing something that needs to be done and getting sidetracted even if just for a moment. I suppose the problem lies in the fact that the constant distractions leave us without a sense of completion. I've often felt that some things are done half-a***d rather than done right, but at least good enough.

April 12
"I hate weekends. There's no structure. There's no compass. How will I know what to do if I don't have to do it?"

This one hit home, wow. Yes, weekends can result in anxiety when there is so much I could be doing that won't get done because I'm supposed to be doing something fun.  Open ended days of "relaxation", without structure can be difficult. A real shame when our busyness gets in the way of quality time with our family.

April 13
"They sicken of the calm that know the storm."
Dorothy Parker

How many people tell themselves they function best under pressure. The adrenaline rush that comes with fresh projects and new lists to check off is fine, unless we find ourselves easily bored without the stress. Continuously getting ourselves in a whirlwind of commitments is an addiction when our health and relationships begin to feel the strain.

April 14
"Long term change requires looking honestly at our lives and realizing that it's nice to be needed, but not at the expense of our health, our happiness, and our sanity."
Ellen Sue Stern

Being a "yes" person is very rewarding but there has to be a limit. We have to know when to say "no" and not feel guilty over disappointing someone. Careaholism is an addiction too. Volunteering is wonderful but realize that if there seems to be a deep down resentment forming for being asked once again, it is time to take a step back.

April 15
"With him for a sire and her for a dam, What should I be but just what I am?"
Edna St. Vincent Millay

Accepting ourselves just the way we are with both strengths and weaknesses, without ego getting in the way, is a step in the right direction. Being able to admit that we just aren't that good at something without feeling less of ourselves, as well as acknowledging our strong points without inflated fuss is the path to being emotionally healthy people.

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